Actuarial Education at GSU

The RMI Department offers a Bachelor of Business in Actuarial Science and a Master of Actuarial Science. Furthermore, it is possible to pursue a concentration in Actuarial Science within GSU’s Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and to obtain a BS in Mathematics as well as a Master in Actuarial Science in our innovative Five-Year program.

In addition, we offer two highly innovative dual master degree options: The MAS/MRM and the MAS/MSA. Both dual degree options allow our students to complete two master degrees in a four-semester (twenty-one months) curriculum. The MAS/MRM degree is a combination of our MAS with our MS in Mathematical Risk Management — our financial engineering and technical financial risk management degree. As such, this program prepares students for a broad set of possible careers in the financial services industry and beyond, with the particular opportunity of pursing highly technical positions in the insurance industry such as pricing and hedging variable annuities or other advanced insurance products at the intersection of insurance and finance.

The MAS/MSA degree is a combination of our MAS with our MS in Analytics — our recently established analytics and data science master’s degree. Again, graduates will go through the full curriculum of both master degrees so that this program prepares students for two of the top six jobs according to Career Cast 2015: the number one career (actuary) and the number six career (data scientist). Therefore, similarly to the MAS/MRM degree, this program allows graduates to tap opportunities in two of the most promising career fields, a significant edge over any one concentration.  In addition, it presents a unique combination for emerging positions in the insurance industry that require specialty knowledge in actuarial science as well as familiarity with concepts from ‘big data’ analytics.