Legal Studies Coursework

The Legal Studies Courses offered through the Department of Risk Management and Insurance is Georgia State University’s base for scholarship and teaching at the intersection of law and business. Legal Studies courses provide non-professional legal education for the Robinson College of Business and for the university community.

Our course offerings are among the most popular at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in the college. The Department of Risk Management & Insurance is committed to excellence in teaching and instruction, and Legal Studies faculty consistently win the highest awards for teaching excellence offered by the Robinson College of Business.

The Legal Studies program encourages business-related research in the fields of law, business, and ethics. Works by department faculty have appeared in such leading academic journals as the American Business Law Journal, Wake Forest Law Review, University of South Carolina Law Review, Journal of Business and Ethics, Tort and Insurance Law Journal, and the Journal of Insurance Regulation. Faculty members present papers at leading academic conferences and have served as lecturers at both law and business schools; participated in international programs; and advised businesses and governments on legal matters.

You can earn a minor in the BBA-RMI program that emphasizes legal transactions and risk, providing the non-major student an opportunity to examine qualitative approaches to the management of business within a corporate and personal environment during conditions of uncertainty.

For more information about the department’s Legal Studies courses, contact Nancy Mansfield.

BUSA 2106 Legal Environment of Business

Credit Hour(s): 3.0  

Prerequisite: none. CSP: 1, 6. This course provides the business student with a study of the interrelationship of law, ethics, and business. The course also covers government regulation of business activities and the legal environment within which business must operate.

LGLS 3020 Introduction to the Law

Credit Hour(s): 3.0  

Prerequisite: none. CSP: 1, 6. Requires a 2.5 GSU GPA and 45 semester hours. This course is an introduction to the law, a multifaceted and broad discipline that affects and is affected by every aspect of our society. The course provides an overview of the legal system, sources of law, and legal analytical models. In addition, the course covers specific applications of law from the environment to business to personal relationships. Legal case analysis and legal research are components of the class.

LGLS 4030 The Legal Process

Credit Hour(s): 3.0  

Prerequisites: Busa 2106 or Lgls 3020 or consent of instructor. Requires a 2.5 GSU GPA and 75 semester hours. CPS: 1,6. Students will study the legal process and the primary actors in that process: lawyers, judges, and clients. The course will utilize a variety of resources and learning techniques, including propular fiction and non-fiction books and movies as well as guest speakers and extensive class discussion. The course will be on particular benefit to current and future businesspeople who want to be better able to manage their businesses’ inevitable encounters with the law and lawyers. This benefit will flow from students gaining a better understanding of the legal process, the role of the primary actors in the process, how they think and act, and why.

LGLS 4050 Legal Transactions

Credit Hour(s): 3.0  

Prerequisite: none. CSP: 1, 6. Requires a 2.5 GSU GPA and 45 semester hours. This course examines legal transactions in the corporate environment (from the formation of contracts and sales agreements to the use of commercial paper, secured transactions, bankruptcy, and insurance) to create legal certainty, strategically manage corporate risk, and comply with the increased internal controls imposed by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.

LGLS 4060 Internet Law

Credit Hour(s): 3.0  

Prerequisites: Busa 2106 or Lgls 3020 (not both), or consent of instructor. Requires a 2.5 GSU GPA and 60 semester hours. CSP: 1, 6,7. This course examines how the U.S. legal system is evolving to accommodate the Internet’s impact on business practices, society and values. The course covers a wide range of Internet-related legal issues including technology and the law, court jurisdiction over Internet-related business activities, intellectual property, e-commerce, taxation of Internet sales, privacy in cyberspace, online defamation, information security, cyber-crimes, and government regulation of Internet services. Emphasis is placed on developing legal doctrines and their application to Internet-based business activities.

LGLS 4080 Legal Issues in International Business

Credit Hour(s): 3.0  

This course addresses the business and legal issues of international trade and private commercial transactions. We study all types of international business transactions: import/export, distributorships, technology transfers, and foreign direct investment. Students will learn how to manage cross-cultural, commercial, country, political, and other concerns in international transactions. This course is cross-listed with IB 4080.

LGLS 4389 Directed Readings in Legal Studies

Credit Hour(s): 1.0 to 3.0  

Prerequisite: BusA 2106, consent of instructor.