Degree Requirements

Required Major Courses

Current upper-division (junior/senior) requirements for the major:

Course Number
Math 1220

RMI 3750

RMI 4005

RMI 4015
RMI 4025
RMI 4990
ECON 4950
RMI 4150
Short Title
Calculus for Business (or equivalent)

Intro to Risk Analysis

Law & Policy
Risk Clinic (CTW)
Theory of Risk
Official Title

Risk Modeling

Introduction to Risk Analytics and Applications
Contract Risk Analysis
Law, Policy and Risk Regulation
The Risk Clinic
Theory of Risk

Elective approved by department advisor

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Note: The BBA-RA requires completion of at least 120 course hours, including 60 hours of core and foundation courses (areas A through F in the Undergraduate Catalog) and 60 hours of junior/senior level courses. See the Undergraduate Catalog for a complete list of requirements and electives to choose from. This guide is not intended as a substitute for academic advisement. Contact undergraduate advisor Harold Weston if you have any questions about scheduling or about your degree requirements.