Minor in Risk Management and Insurance

The minor in RMI emphasizes legal transactions and risk, providing the non-major student an opportunity to examine qualitative approaches to the management of business within a corporate and personal environment during conditions of uncertainty.

Requirements for the Minor

Students who wish to minor in risk management and insurance must take at least 15 credit-hours of courses including the following:

  • RMI 3500 Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance
  • LGLS 3020 Introduction to the Law
  • LGLS 4050 Legal Transactions and Risk
Two courses from the following:

  • LGLS 4030 Lawyers and the Legal Process
  • LGLS 4040 Advanced Legal Analysis
  • LGLS 4060E Internet Law
  • LGLS 4490 Real Estate Law
  • PFP 4000 Personal Financial Planning
  • RMI 3750 Risk Modeling
  • RMI 4010 Life Insurance
  • RMI 4020 Property and Liability Insurance
  • RMI 4150 Theory of Risk
  • RMI 4300 Risk Management
  • RMI 4350 Enterprise Risk Management
  • RMI 4530 Employee Benefit Plans
  • RMI 4700 Insurance Operations