Degree Requirements

The BBA-AS requires completion of at least 120 course hours, including 60 hours of core and foundation courses (Undergraduate Catalog) and 60 hours of junior/senior level courses.

Required Mathematics and Statistics Courses

The calculus sequence, Math 2211, 2212, 2215, is taken in place of the non-RCB electives.

For students with an appropriate mathematics background, Math 2211 and Math 2212 can be taken in place of Math 1111 (college algebra) in core area A and in place of Math 1113 (pre-calculus) in core Area D. Students who can make one or both of these substitutions will choose one or two non-RCB electives, as appropriate. Math 2215 must be completed with a grade of C or higher.

The Mathematical Statistics sequence, Math 4751 and Math 4752

Required Actuarial Science Major Courses

24 hours

RMI 3750 Risk Modeling (3 hours)
AS 4140 Mathematical Foundations of Actuarial Science (3 hours)
AS 4230 Theory of Interest (3 hours)
AS 4340 Life Contingencies (3 hours)
Fi 4000 Fundamentals of Valuation (3 hours)
RMI 4350 Enterprise Risk Management (3 hours)

Pick 2 out of 3:
AS 4320 Stochastic Models (3 hours)
AS 4350 Insurance Mathematics (3 hours)
AS 4510 Derivative Valuation and Risk Management (3 hours)

Other Suggested RCB Electives

6 hours

ECON 4950 Econometrics (3 hours)